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Location: 5851 Buffington Rd, Suite G, Atlanta GA 30349

Booth Rental Application

Applicant Information

Rental Terms

Applicant Rental History

Employment History

Upload Your Drivers License

Upload File

I declare that all the above information is true and correct, and the information may be used by the landlord or his agent to verify and obtain a complete consumer credit report for purposes of this rental application. I agree that this information is not privileged and may be used by the landlord or his agent to decide whether to accept or decline this rental application.

I understand and agree that any false or incomplete information supplied may be grounds for rejecting this application and will violate any rental agreement following this application if discovered later.

I further grant permission to have a criminal history check done on my person.

I agree that if this rental application is successful, I will pay the security deposit within 24-48 hours. 

Thanks for submitting!

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