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Stylist-in-training / Apprentice Stylist

5851 Buffington Rd, Suite G, Atlanta, GA 30349, USA

Job Type


About the Role

You are submitting your information for potential employment opportunities with an independent franchisee of Official Sam Salon or one of its subsidiaries (collectively "Official Sam Salon"). If hired, you will be a direct employee of the franchisee, not of Official Sam Salon. Franchisees are independent business owners/operators who set their own wage and benefit programs which can vary from Official Sam Salon or other franchisees. Only the franchisee is responsible for employment matters at the salon including hiring, firing, discipline, supervision, staffing, scheduling, wages, and benefits. Official Sam Salon will not receive a copy of your employment application and will have no involvement in any hiring or other employment decisions.


A stylist-in-training at Official Sam Salon is a temporary 90-day position designed to integrate an unlicensed, future stylist into the salon workplace and to help them learn the business. It is the stylist-in-training responsibility to deliver exceptional customer service and to communicate effectively with management, customers, and co-workers. Specifically, the stylist-in-training job duties include:

Market and grow the business

Observe other stylists/managers at work and ask relevant questions

Provide exceptional customer service

Control expenses

Promote and sell services and retail products

Answer telephones, stock and dust shelves, and sweep hair

Complete all other duties as assigned by the manager

The stylist-in-training may be eligible for a promotion to the stylist position once they receive their license. A promotion to a stylist is not automatically guaranteed. The stylist-in-training must apply for the stylist position to be considered for promotion. To be considered for the promotion, the stylist-in-training must: 1) possess a valid appropriate license in his/her applicable state of employment; 2) have the ability to perform the duties of the license requirements that their state allows, including, but not limited to: cutting, styling, coloring, providing wax treatments, and washing and perming hair with or without accommodation; and 3) demonstrate that they practice Official Sam Salon values of honesty, accountability, integrity, and respect.


Must graduate from an accredited cosmetology school and obtain the necessary license(s) to perform salon services within or before 90 days of hire-date

Ability to work in a dynamic salon environment

Good time management skills, good judgment, and the ability to multi-task

Well-developed interpersonal skills to communicate in a professional and courteous manner with customers, co-workers, and management

Computer knowledge including but not limited to point-of-sale systems and data entry

Ability to work a flexible schedule including nights and weekends

Essential Functions

Market and Grow the Business:

Promote and sell services and products, including recommending and selling additional services and/or retail products which will enhance and improve the customer's image and/or contribute to the customer's happiness with services performed

Clearly convey a complete understanding of pricing for available services

Coordinate Promotional Sales displays as directed by the company using ShopTalk

Responsible for sales to walk-in retail customers

Provide Exceptional Customer Service:

Understand the needs of the customer, greet each customer professionally by name, escort all clients through the salon, give salon tours when necessary

Estimate wait times for scheduled and unscheduled appointments

Answer the telephone promptly and professionally

Handle general complaints and refer customer service issues to the manager

Manage and Control Expenses:

Follow weekly salon schedules as directed by Salon Manager

Correctly charge for services rendered and products purchased, including proper discounting according to Company policy

Safeguard company assets by adhering to company policies and procedures

Complete Required Administrative Tasks/Compliance:

Perform a variety of tasks related to assisting salon operations, including but not limited to: answering telephones, stocking shelves, sweeping hair, and other duties as assigned by the manager

Communicate effectively with management, customers, and co-workers in a professional and courteous manner

Maintain and uphold safety standards by identifying and correcting conditions that affect salon safety

Attend work timely and consistently, including attending mandatory staff meetings, training sessions, or as otherwise required by management

Adhere to all corporate policies, procedures, and work rules

Handle all POS transactions including opening and closing the register

Physical Requirements and Work Environment

Frequent lifting up to 10 lbs. to stock retail shelves. Occasional lifting 10-25 lbs. to assist unloading monthly shipment of products.

Continuous standing throughout the day

Continuous reaching, alternating between shoulder level and above shoulder level height to stock shelves.

Occasional pushing and pulling to move styling chair.

Continuous exposure to various chemicals and fragrances used in performing services and styling hair, including but not limited to permanent solutions, straightening solutions, shampoos, conditioners, hair spray, and client perfume.

Occasional climbing of ladder/stepstool to stock shelves, retrieve products and maintain salon.

Ability to communicate with customers regarding services offered and requested and the customer's needs and wants.

Basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills necessary to read and complete company forms and other documents.

Occasional travel to mandatory meetings and training sessions, including overnight travel.

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